About Us

Today is the big day, the day you have been working towards. You arrive and head back to the dressing room, only to have to dig through your bags to find all the right accessories for the right costume. The space is crowded, there is no spot to hang your beautiful outfits, no mirrors that allow you to properly check your look before you head out in front of the masses that await you…

With the products from Ovation Gear, that unorganized nightmare is a thing of the past. Our products are designed to make the lives of the dedicated performer easier. Now you can worry less about the storage and care of your outfits, freeing you up to concentrate more on your craft. Every piece in our line was created with simplicity in mind…from our performance bag, meant to make storing and traveling with your costumes and accessories easier, our garment bag that allows you to keep your costumes pristine all while storing all the needed pieces inside the convenient storage pockets.There is our over-sized folding mirror, so you never have to worry about not being able to check out your complete look before show time ever again. Even our pointe shoe bag is over-sized and comes with a storage pocket to allow for proper drying and storage of your shoes and accessories.

Ovation Gear is located in America’s heartland, Missouri to be exact, and we are dedicated to our retailers and customers. Since this is the “Show Me” state, allow us to show you exactly how much easier Ovation Gear products can make your life